Natural Ways to Combat Allergies

By Lauren Allen

Between all of the fires in southern California and the desert like dryness as a result of the drought, my allergies this summer have been one of my greatest burdens. I have been in a balancing act between Claritin and Flonase and Zyrtec, and none seem to provide me with the immediate relief that I expect.

Allergy medicine just is not working for me like it used to, so I have narrowed it down to these 7 NATURAL ways to find relief in the toughest of allergy seasons.


This may sound silly, but it is the first precaution you can take to find allergy relief. Pollen and dust sticks to your skin, hair, and clothes after being outside, even if you’re only outside for a moment. Baths and showers are an easy way to find instant relief. When you go to the market, try and find a natural hypoallergenic shampoo and body wash. Also, the steam in the shower and bath will increase relief. Which brings me to my next point..



Whether you are sitting over a bowl of boiling water, have a humidifier, or steam up your bathroom with your shower water, steam is imperative to eradicate allergies. I can not live without my humidifier- allergy season or not, it keeps my sinuses clear and airways lubricated. Steam is especially important if your allergies dry your air pathways and result in some minor form of wheezing or asthma. Simply sleeping next to a humidifier on low for a night can work wonders.


Drink as much water as you can. Whether it be water, water with lemon (which hydrates at a molecular level), or tea, it will make you feel better and will flush out your system. Warm fluids such as hot tea and soup help break up congestion in your airways, making it easier to cough up mucus.



Eating healthy is an easy way to boost your immune system when your allergies are acting up. Keep your diet clean by trying to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal.


Clean your home with clean product. Typical household cleaning products are loaded with chemicals that will irritate your airways even more when you inhale them. If you can’t find clean product at your local market, use lemons, baking soda, or vinegar to clean your home! They clean just as well as the other products because they kill bacteria, but don’t irritate your airways as much as the chemical cleaners do.


Vitamin C is an essential element to keeping your immune system strong when the allergies hit. Our Simply Young Immune Bloom and Longevity C are both easy ways to find Vitamin C and keep yourself strong. The Longevity C is one of my favorite products because you can mix it into your water or into a nice fruit smoothie in the morning. It is such an easy way to get your daily dose of C!


As uninviting as a neti pot looks, it is the number one way to clear your sinuses. It may not help your allergies directly, but it can rid you of some of the allergy symptoms. It is small pot filled with a water solution that runs up one nostril and comes out the other, cleansing your nasal pathways.

A combination of any of these seven precautionary measures absolutely WILL subside some of your allergy symptoms. Say good bye to your sniffles this season and try these 7 steps!

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